UI Works


We had as a main goal to reproduce an existing space of nine meters square the more realistic possible. The second goal was to create a loop between now days and a 100-years future.

So we decided to work with the iconic yellow crane of Nantes, in France, and used the place history including the shipyard to our futur vision project. The first step was to take some pictures as references in order to use them later. We have also used a 360° camera to capture the environment and used it as a reference.

My Work on this project was to create a photorealistic perspective environment, all the 3D Model and the interaction development.


The creation of a project with a sensor and an arduino card, which is a card containing datavisulation, was our aim during this workshop. This project had to be fun and visual for the Stereolux public.

Radiolux shows how Stereolux is helping the digital and musical world of Nantes. The goal is to enable people to discover each partnership created by Stereolux by visualizing them in the form of buildings and neighborhoods. To explore, the public can browse a radio to discover a neighborhood, then use a button to turn and a button to press to enter the details.

My work, as a team manager, on this project was to develop the general idea of this project. I had to give directives on the artistic and technical points.

3D Experiment