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Immersive Project.

IUX and Devellopment

Overview of projects that I did during my scholarity and paste time.


We had as a main goal to reproduce an existing space of nine meters square the more realistic possible. The second goal was to create a loop between now days and a 100-years future.

So we decided to work with the iconic yellow crane of Nantes, in France, and used the place history including the shipyard to our futur vision project. The first step was to take some pictures as references in order to use them later. We have also used a 360° camera to capture the environment and used it as a reference.

My Work on this project was to create a photorealistic perspective environment, all the 3D Model and the interaction development.

A project done by: Alexandre Deffenain and Marc Bouchenoire


The creation of a project with a sensor and an arduino card, which is a card containing datavisulation, was our aim during this workshop. This project had to be fun and visual for the Stereolux public.

Radiolux shows how Stereolux is helping the digital and musical world of Nantes. The goal is to enable people to discover each partnership created by Stereolux by visualizing them in the form of buildings and neighborhoods. To explore, the public can browse a radio to discover a neighborhood, then use a button to turn and a button to press to enter the details.

My work, as a team manager, on this project was to develop the general idea of this project. I had to give directives on the artistic and technical points.

A project done by : Matthieu Rousteau and Marc Bouchenoire


This project was been made during a contest. We had 38 hours for create one VR experiment.

At this periode we never touched VR before so all was new. But we did something that interest the jury. We create a sort of serious game for young teacher to be prepared against virulent student.

For this project I was in charge of all the devellopment part. I was also a support in 3D, texturing, and animation. And I did all the UX part.

Project did with : Matthieu Rousteau and Yann Penhouet and Ophélie Jaret


UI / UX and Devellopment

My end of study project, selected in the Contest of Laval Virtual.


End of study project.

Subject: An immersive tool to simplify the Scrum Methode for the Level Designer and all the creative and directive team.

An help to normalize new work methode.

Boost the self implication of the employee inside his own firm.

FeedBacks will be easily analyzed by the Level Designer.

An answer to all the problem of organization in different steps wich compose "the Methode Agile".

TaskMatthisSeguin from Matthis Seguin on Vimeo.

Digital Painting

Graphic/Illustration Design

A serie of illustration experimentation on the cross-breeding and some of the draw that I made.


Since I had my graphic tablet I can not do without drawing on it. I find that drawing increases my creativity. No matter what I draw I do it for me, and digital painting helped me a lot to express myself at the level of the drawing.

Fox, 2018

Birdower, 2018

Flhouse, 2018

SteamPunk Animal, 2018

Mounteagle, 2018

Tigower, 2018

The Lion Tree, 2018

Sage Monkey, 2018

Tokyo 2050, 2018

Forest, 2018


3D / Video / Draw / UI / Devellopment

Some of what I do during my past time, and all the effort I put in always learning new things.


Some of what I do during my past time, and all the effort I put in always learning new things. 3D Modeling, Texturing, Animation, UI, or Environment building. All of these subjects became a passion to me during past few years. Being selfthaught, I learned alone so I have my own approach and vision of how to use and create with these softwares.

Substance Designer Texturing, 2019

3Ds Max/ ZBrush Modelling, 2018

Blender/Keyshot Modelling, 2018

ZBrush/Keyshot, 2018

Unity/Blender, 2018

Substance Designer Texturing, 2018

Unreal LevelDesign, 2018

Charcter Design, 2018